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Juan Trias

Gestió Tecnoagraria- Sumarroca's Cellars

"In Gestió Tecnoagraria (Sumarroca's Cellars) we bet on TEYME for the reliability of their machines, tough and top performing. The GaliaII machine is a pneumatic sprayer which has allowed us a high performance in hectares per hour and in treatment quality, saving a huge amount of phytosanitary product without compromising the quality of treatment. "

Juan Trias

Gestió Tecnoagraria- Sumarroca's cellars

"We rely on the DTSA dusters, which have come to play an essential role in the treatment of our ecological vineyards. These dusters allow us to treat the vegetation in their different stages without changing the configuration of the machine, which incurs in a top performance and excellent final results."

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