Do you want to be a dealer of TEYME agricultural machinery?

At TEYME, as a reference brand in agricultural machinery, we want that most farmers around the world could benefit from our spraying equipment. That is what we do hand in hand with our dealers, professional specialists in machines for agriculture, who help us to give the best service to all customers in the sector.

We are also part of the TEYME Group, created out of the fusion of three companies: Teyme, Solteka and Argilés. Thanks to our union, we share efforts, quality and productivity in order to assist and improve agriculture through our machinery.

Currently, having a large national presence and exporting our products to more than 30 countries internationally, still is our ambition to continue growing as a company and as a team, making TEYME brand known in all countries. To achieve this goal, we keep on extending our dealers’ network to increase our national and international presence.

“We want to offer the highest benefits, quality and precision of our TEYME equipment to all farmers to improve the productivity of their crops. Start being part of our dealer network to make it possible!”

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Be part of our TEYME GROUP

Teyme Group is formed through the union of the companies Teyme, Solteka and Argilés. From our group we work day by day, incorporating the use of new technologies and always aiming to take care of and develop our crops.

Our growth reaches all through the five continents, exporting to more than 30 countries. Currently, 50% of the group's turnover comes from foreign markets and we consider exportation as the big motor of growth for our group. The Teyme Group is positioned, worldwide, as a point of reference for the contribution to solutions in our farming sector.

In addition, we have a team of more than 80 professionals who are committed to innovation, quality and durability.

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Teyme is a company highly reputed for more than 45 years offering solutions for crop protection. Productivity, superior quality, innovation and respect for the environment are our principles. We work with the aim of guaranteeing the highest quality and effectiveness of our first-class products all around the world, ensuring the preservation of our Earth and our people.

“We take care of crops, we take care of the people”

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In Solteka we are highly reputed by a career of almost three decades in manufacturing air groups and accessories for agriculture and industry, in more than 20 countries all over the 5 continents. We provide solutions to achieve the highest efficiency in air groups and to adapt to the needs of our customers in order to offer the best product without jeopardizing the care for the environment.

“The air that makes you different”

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We are Argiles and we have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of machines for the collection of fruits and vegetables with the greatest effectiveness for more than 25 years. We design and manufacture all our models implementing exclusive improvements in our machines. In addition, we have redesigned all our products in order to make them safer and more cost-effective, improving quality and performance.

“The harvesting of fruit and vegetables with the highest productivity”

Discover the advantages of being a TEYME partner

Our dealers are fundamental agents in our company: they are the engine that helps us to continue growing and the most direct contact with the final farmer, who will need adequate machinery to spray and give better protection to their crops. For this reason, we strive to grant to our distributors the best tools to work with and the best assistance to feel themselves proud to be part of our team.

As member of our network of dealers, you can enjoy all these advantages:

Your own management area exclusive for dealers:


You will have your own digital space to set our products at your choice, to make the creation of offers and budgets easier, to place your orders and track them. An agile and intuitive management web tool to manage your daily work.

Access to spare parts, components, and exploded drawings:


You will have access to our complete catalog with more than 10,000 original items of our Teyme equipment and the main reference brands in the agricultural market, with links to exploded drawings to select those parts you need.

Assistance and constant growth:


We want you to grow with us, offering you training, visits, tutorials, technical information on each product, sales arguments, and continuous advice to know how to find the best Teyme equipment for your farmer customers.

Our dealers: unconditional support and team spirit

As a dealer of the Teyme Group you will be one of the great differential values of our brand, increasing year after year the opportunities of growth by means of the Annual Congress of Dealers of Teyme Agricultural Machinery, the organization and mixed participation in Agricultural Trade Shows, exhibitions and other events. We want to march on and continue to grow with you: our best companion.


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Our agricultural machinery for crop protection

Our TEYME equipment stands out for its high productivity and precision, speeding up the application of phytosanitary treatment effectively and improving performance and benefits. As leaders in the agricultural machinery market, we are committed to innovation so as to achieve spraying machines that can treat different pests or diseases with great effectiveness, reducing costs and maximizing the long-term benefits of the product acquired.

In addition, we have a wide range of air-blast sprayers, vineyard pneumatic sprayers and other spraying machines, capable of facing any adversity and of meeting all sorts of customer requirements. Thanks to this, we are in position to cover all the specific needs of each farmer to guarantee the best protection no matter how different is the crop, climate, or soil.

Being a TEYME dealer, you can include in your catalog a consolidated brand, featured with top-functioning equipment which conveys outstanding performances:

Dealers of agricultural machinery, from Spain to the world

If you want to be part of our network of dealers, contact us. Join our more than 100 current partners around the world and start selling our products!

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