Agricultural mistblowers for treating crops: how they make a difference

17 Julio 2019 | Blog
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Every good farmer knows that the success of a harvest depends to a great extent on the phytosanitary treatments. Applying the right products, in the suitable time and with an appropriate technique can make a difference between a great harvest and a failure. If you are a farmer, you will agree with this assertion. You will know by sure too that in order to apply correctly these treatments some suitable tools are needed, like the agricultural mistblower, a fundamental machine for the crops' protection.

The mistblowers allow us to work more efficiently, obtaining higher performances of the products that are used for treatments and being much more accurate when applying them over the plants or the trees. Nowadays, they are basic in all farming typologies, but specially in preservation, integrated or ecological farming. 

What is an agricultural mistblower and which advantages present?

A mistblower machine is a high precision machine which can also be defined as hydropneumatic sprayer. This means that it uses the pressure to generate the drops for treatment: a pump creates the pressure needed to form them and afterwards the stream of air produced by an impeller surrounds all these drops and makes them reach the plants to be treated.

These machines, which can be lift-mounted on the tractor or trailed by this, can generate air flows which range between the 20.000 and the 145.000 cubic meters per hour. Moreover, with them you will be able to manage between 350 and 3.500 liters of product per hectare, what gives an idea of the capacity of dosage they offer.

Precisely, this is one of its advantages, the possibility of dosing the product, which is mostly important to obtain better performances. Another remarkable advantage of the mistblowers is the fact that they allow us to treat in a very focused way thanks to the conception of its nozzles, reducing to the least the drift and the evaporation of the product in extreme warm wheather conditions. 

It must be outlined too its capacity to produce very tiny drops, between 100 and 400 microns, and the fast speed at which they work, being able to reach some of them an average of 10 km/h in the field.

The combination of a big air flow, a far focused treatment, a somewhat fast working speed and a tiny size of the drops makes the mistblowers ideal for the deep penetration of phytosanitary products into the culture. The air stream stirs the plants and all its parts are treated in a homogeneous way, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and reducing its impact in the environment. 

Teyme's mistblowers: a wide range

In Teyme we offer you a wide and complete range of mistblowers. In this one you can find several models of sprayers at your disposal to treat your crops. You can choose among lift-mounted machines, like the ASM model; trailed ones, among which the big-sized Eolo GTE10 and the Unic Lea stand out, or those furnished for the treatment of four sides, like the Unic Bergerac. 

When you choose, you must take into account that the mistblowers are used above all in tree's plantations, in which it is needed to carry out the treatment at a far distance. To succeed in the application, the trailed mistblowers reach peaks of 12 meters and even higher ones. Furthermore, if you need to reach higher plantations, you can resort to cannon mistblowers which are able to carry the product at 50 meters of distance. All in all, the mistblowers can also be adapted to treat lower crops. For this purpose, they have available accessories like articulated arms or impelling deflectors which allow to treat, for example, vineyards, a culture for whose treatment Teyme's Ieolo Star model is perfect.

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