Agricultural pneumatic sprayers, key in the integrated farming crops

07 Mayo 2019 | Blog
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Do you know what integrated farming is about? It is a set of techniques that allow sustainable farming and that have gained importance recently. To achieve its goals, it uses biological as well as chemical methods to control illnesses and pests, but always juggling these methods with the demands of the society, the protection of the Environment and the productivity. To sum up, you must know that it is in a middle position between ecological and conventional agriculture and that in Spain reaches nearly a ten percent of the cultivated land. More specifically, with more than two milions of certified hectares, Spain leads the integrated farming in Europe.  

If this farming more respectful with the Environment interest you, you must take into account that one of its keys is the exact and extremely precise application of the phytosanitary. And the best way of achieving it is using agriculturalpneumatic sprayers.

How does an agricultural pneumatic sprayer work?

As you may know, the usefulness of pneumatic sprayers in the integrated farming - and in the ecological one- is given by its way of working. A pneumatic sprayer is an agricultural machine which throws the drops of the product over the plants by the action of pneumatic power, which is characterized by an extremely fast speed of propelled air. It is a pneumatic sprayer which creates such small drops which seem a mist. Afterwards, thanks to the precision of its air flow, this mist reaches the plants in a homogeneous way, with very little drift and a great capacity of penetration or of range in the vegetation.

Due to their precision, the pneumatic sprayers are specially indicated in the integrated farming, because they avoid excessive expense of phytosanitary products and, above all, limit their impact over the Environment.

TEYME's series of pneumatic sprayers.

In Teyme we offer you a wide range with two basic sorts of pneumatic sprayers: trailed and lift mounted. Among the series of trailed pneumatic sprayers, you will find the Galia II, Zefir and Duo Plus. The three are mounted on solid frames and with wheels for all terrain. The three are highly performing, even though their purposes are different.  

  • The machine Galia II disposes of special columns on the front part which are mounted on arms.  With these columns you will be able to treat simultaneously until six faces of plants rows, even if they are in terraces at different levels.  Besides, it is a pneumatic sprayer which works at high speed reaching speeds of 8 km/h.  

  • Concerning the Zefir model, it can be loaded with until 4000 liters of product and provides an extremely focused application thanks to its kits of different columns and outlets. A variable geometry kit stands out with which you will be able to modify the orientation of the arms and treat at the same time plants disposed at very different levels.

  • Another trailed model is the Duo Plus, in fact it is a half-trailed machine. It is a compact machine, designed to work in narrow frames of plantation, where the big tractors have problems to move on. It can manage in frames up until 1,8 meters wide and reach performances so high as to work at a speed of 7 km/h. With it, you will reach a very focused treatment and with a minimal drift.   

  • We also have available the DTVSlift-mounted pneumatic sprayer with a capacity until 1200 liters. It allows a highly focused spraying and can be complemented with columns of different styles. Moreover, you will be able to add to it kits to modify it and have until 8 product outlets, or to treat row crops.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales service staff to find the most adequate pneumatic sprayer to your needs.  

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