About Teyme

In TEYME we are manufacturers specialized in the development and production of machines for crops’ protection and others.

The continuous research of our department of R+D along with our experience of over 40 years, and the incorporation of parts that we manufacture ourselves, allow us to offer the latest technology to the agricultural market for all sort of treatments: Traditional, Comprehensive, Ecological, etc.

In this way, we offer you a vast range of machines for Crops’ protection (Mistblowers, Pneumatic Sprayers, Dusters, Boom Sprayers) and machines for the Humidification-Ventilation, making it easy to find the most suitable machine for your needs.

Our success is linked to our reputation. Acting in a honest and upright manner stands for preserving our company’s brand and good name. For this reason, in TEYME we carry out our job respecting every legal and civic rule which regulates the company domain and the social environment, in agreement with our principles of ethical behavior.



Proximity: close, personalized and gentle professional relationship. We have a big network of dealers available with whom we work closely.

calidad superior

Superior quality: products with the best performances to warrant the highest level of satisfaction and self-demand.


Innovation: the continuous research of our department of R+D are the basis of the success of our products.

respetuosos con el entorno

Careful with the environment: we care for the preservation of our two greatest indispensable elements: the Planet Earth and people.

Over 40 years caring for your crops

The PERFORMANCES of our machines, an advanced TECHNOLOGY and the QUALITY of our products and service place these worldwide in the leading positions,exporting to more than 30 countries and reaching the 5 continents.

With the TEYME’s machines, of the utmost toughness and reliability, we achieve an effective control of the applications big efficiency with less drift and bigger productivity per hectare.

    • T.E.Y.M.E TECNICA Y MECANICA is founded out of Talleres Eguren y Mestre, with headquarters in La Bordeta – Lleida.

      In its beginnings TEYME’s business was the manufacture and commercialization of pruning machines, fertilizing equipment, pneumatic dosers and compressors.

    • MAQUINARIA AGRÍCOLA TEYME S.A. is established changing its target business, which now evolves to the manufacture, repair and modification of agricultural machinery, implements and tools. The premises are moved to Torre-serona.

    • Alongwith the incorporation of the firm Multidronet S.A., Multeyme S.L., is created and the company continued to manufacture, repair and modify agricultural machinery, implements and tools but focusing on the commercialisation of machines with advanced technical performances, searching to place technology at agriculture’s service.

    • A new TEYME is born: TEYME Tecnología Agrícola S.L. is created absorbing Multeyme S.L. under the wings of JB’s Group(Joan Buira). The company continues to aim at manufacturing, commercialising, repairing and modifying agricultural machinery, implements and tools; preserving always their 2 most important assets: the Planet Earth and people.

    • A group of investing partners, INDES CAPITAL S.L., joins the company and starts a cultural change in this, based on the bet for the constant innovation and the professionalization aiming at strengthening the trade mark and broadening markets. This is TEYME nowadays, a company with international presence specialized in the manufacture of machines for the crops’ protection and with three distinctive features: technology, experience and team work.

    Our team

    Our most valuable assets are the more than 50 people who are members of TEYME’s staff. A team of multidisciplinary professionals committed to common values and a same vision.

    Ferrand Iturbe

    Ferran Iturbe
    Managing director

    Rafa Gónzalez

    Rafa Gónzalez
    Marketing & Sales Manager

    Montse Castelló

    Montse Castelló
    Financial & Accounting Manager

    Josep Vidal

    Josep Vidal
    Engineering and R&D Management

    Joan Martínez

    Joan Martínez
    Purchasing manager

    Salvador Causadias

    Salvador Causadias
    Technical Assistance Manager

    Roberto Fernández

    Roberto Fernández
    Manufacturing Manager

    Manufacturing Process

    The whole manufacturing process is carried out in our premises, from the initial concept until the implementation of the prototypes which are used to make the first tests. Once these are approved by our team of engineers, they are manufactured in our production plant. Then, they are adjusted and tested again out of our production assembly lines. In this respect, all our products are subjected to strict tests dof working and to a thorough revision of critical points aiming at warranting the upmost quality of those.


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