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Responsible for the treatment of users’ data

The current privacy policy is applicable to all personal data that users could give to TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, whose headquarters are at Pol. Ind. SAU III, C/ Girona 3, by means of different forms needed to draft a service.

To the effects of the current Privacy Policy, the “User” must be understood as every physical individual interested in the products and services that TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL grants. TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, will ask, as a responsible party of the data treatment, before any personal data is delivered the explicit consent of the User to the current Privacy Policy, whenever is needed, and of any other aspect which requires to be approved beforehand by this one. The aim of TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRICOLA SL. Privacy is to be transparent whenever we give information about how the User’s data are dealt with and to protect its information in internet and those data which this one could insert in our website.

The User will be able to address to TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRICOLA SL Regulations’ and Legal Compliance Bureau any comment, doubt or enquiry through the e-mail account about any matter concerned with Data Protection.

Purpose of the treatment

By this writing we inform the “User” that TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will deal with the personal data which the “User” could transfer to paper or online forms during the hiring of some of the services offered by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, as long as there is a legal background for any kind of treatment, as it is later specified, and for the following purposes:

  • (a) Manage the requests that the User could place through any means to TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL.
  • (b) Inform the User through any means, including the sending of commercial communications to the e-mail account that the User provides, if that case is given, about any products and services of TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRICOLA S.L. like those that have been purchased or contracted by the User.

Authorization for the users’ personal data

  • The legal basis for the treatment of data for purposes specified in (a) and (b) is the execution of the contract of provision and/or purchase of the corresponding services.
  • In case there is no contract of provision of services, the legal basis for the data treatment of the data for the purposes specified in (a) and (b) is the consent that the User requests, whose denial can not be by any means used to execute the contract of provision of services.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, at the moment of Registry, will collect and treat those personal data which are essential for the provision of the service to the User. The User knows and accepts that in case certain personal data is not filled in by him/her, TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will not be able to provide those services in relationship with those missing data. By no means TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will transfer, make use of these data or will use them for a purpose different from these which are here explicitly specified. During the registry stage, the User will be informed by TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRÍCOLA SL. about those data whose collection is not compulsory to provide the services requested.

Time of storage of Users’ personal data

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will store the data of its customers while there is contractual bonding and after this one, the data will be stored for promotional purposes during a period of two years. In another sort of users, the data will be equally kept for a period of five years. Therefore, the data will not be stored for a time longer than needed for the purposes before described, without detriment to the needs of storage required for the Public Administration entities which could intervene in the provision of the service, neither to the manifestation, exertion or defense of possible claims and/or whenever the applicable legislation allows it.

Access to the Users’ personal data

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL thrives to provide an optimal service through its web pages, which can make necessary that providers of services other than TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRICOLA may have access to Users’ personal data as parties responsible for the treatment of these.

Notwithstanding, TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will be able to transfer or communicate personal data to attend to its own duties with the Public Administrations in those cases required according to the present applicable regulations.

Rights of the Users’

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL informs the User about the possibility of exercising his/her rights to access, correction, opposition, suppression, portability and limitation of his/her data treatment as well as to reject the automatic treatment of the personal data collected by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL.

These rights may be exercised freely by the User or, by its default, its representative, by written and signed request form sent to the following address: Pol. Ind. SAU III, C/ Girona 3. This request will have to include the following data: first name and surname of the User, address for purposes of notification, a photocopy of Passport or UE’s country Identity Card, and writing by which the request is specifically formulated. In case a representative is chosen to the same effects, its representation will have to be proved by means of a reliable document. In addition, the User may exercise the before mentioned rights by e-mail to the account

In addition to the rights previously mentioned, the User will have also the right to withhold at any moment the consent granted through the procedure above described, without which this action could affect the legitimacy of the data treatment which could have been given before that consent was withheld. TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL may continue to treat the User’s Data as far as the applicable law allows it.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL remembers that the User has the right to address a complaint to the proper control authority.

Cancellation of the service of transmission of commercial communications

As it has been mentioned in the previous chapter, the User has the right to revoke at any moment the consent provided for the transmission of commercial communications by means a mere notification to TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, informing that it does not want to receive further commercial communications. To this aim, the User could revoke its consent in the described form in the previous chapter or to click on the link included in every commercial communication to cancel, therefore, the transmission of commercial communications.

Safety Measures

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL engages itself to carry out its duty to keep secret the persona data and to save them and will adopt the required measures to avoid its modification, loss or non-authorized access, in compliance with the current applicable law.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL has the proper technical and organizational safety measures established to warrant the safety of the Users’ personal data and to avoid its modification, loss and non-authorized access, as determined by the present status of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which these are exposed, whether these are caused by humans, or come from the natural or physical environment, in compliance with the current applicable law.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, company compromised on privacy, keeps a constant supervision, control and assessment of protocols that enable the respect for safe and private information to strengthen the confidentiality and the trustworthiness of the whole information in its organization, in compliance with international standards.

Use of cookies

Our web page uses cookies to distinguish you from other users in our web site, which help to give you an enjoyable and fruitful experience while you are surfing and makes us possible to improve this one. You can obtain further information about the use of cookies in Policy of Cookies.


The web page of TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL can include hyperlinks to other sites that are not operated or controlled by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL. For this reason, TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL does not warrant, neither is responsible for the legitimacy, usefulness, truthiness and topicality of the contents of these web sites or for its privacy policies. Before providing personal data to these sites which are not mastered by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL it must be considered that its fulfilment concerning data protection could be different from ours.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL may modify its Privacy Policy in compliance with the current applicable law. In any case, any modification of the Privacy Policy must be reported to the User so that this one knows about the changes made in the treatment of its personal data and could then grant its consent whenever the applicable regulation compels TEYME TECNOLOGIA AGRICOLA SL to do it.

2. Web Page Form

According to the current regulation about Personal Data Protection we inform that your data will be treated by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL (NIF B25554940, Lleida). We inform you that these will only be treated for business matters of the company and, if that is the case, for the provision of services. We also inform you that these will not be transferred to third parties, except that this could be compulsory by law or unavoidable for the provision of the service. You can exercise at any moment your rights of access, correction, limitation of treatment, suppression, opposition and portability and, in case you would like to do it, you must communicate it to TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, Pol. Ind. SAU III, C/ Girona 3, Torre-Serona (Lleida) Or by e-mail to, indicating your data. We inform you that for further information, you can check our Privacy Policy to WWW.TEYME.ES.



The legal mention regulates the use of the web site WWW.TEYME.ES, whose holder and owner are TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL (further on, THE WEB’S OWNER).

Whoever surfs on the web site of THE WEB’S OWNER is granted the condition of USER, what implies the full acceptance without reservations of every single requirement published in this legal mention and of any modification of this without previous notice on behalf of THE WEB’S OWNER, being this one due to publish and communicate that one the soonest.

Therefore, it is advisable to read carefully its content to get access and use the information and the services offered in this web site.

The user, moreover, compels itself to make a proper use of the web site in agreement with what is stated by legislation, the good faith, law and order, trade usages and the present Legal Mention, and will be accountable to THE WEB’S OWNER or to third parties for whatever damages in which it could incur in breach of this obligation.

Any use different from the authorized one is banned, having THE WEB’S OWNER the faculty of denying or removing the access or usage permission at any moment.


THE WEB’S OWNER, in compliance with Law 34/2002, from 11th of July, about Services of Information Community and e-commerce, informs you about:

  • Its tax identification number: B25554940
  • Its tax residence: Pol. Ind. SAU III, C/ Girona 3
  • Trade Registry in Lleida Volume 889, Sheet 72, Section 8, Page L16911


We place at your disposal several contact means, which are:

  • Telephone.: 973750033
  • E-mail:

All notifications and communications between the users and THE WEB’S OWNER will be assumed that have been made, to all effects, whenever these have been carried out by the contact means previously mentioned.


The web site and its services are free and open. Nevertheless, THE WEB’S OWNER can restrict the use of some of those offered services under the condition of filling in a specific form before having access to them.

The user warrants that all those data communicated to THE WEB’S OWNER are true and updated to present date. He/she will be responsible for any false or inaccurate declaration he/she could make.

The user commits himself/herself explicitly to use properly the contents and services of THE WEB’S OWNER and not use them, basically, to:

Transmit contents that are criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive and make apology of terrorism, or, globally, which are against the law and law and order.

Spread on the net computer viruses or carry out actions which could be whether susceptible to modify, damage, interrupt or create errors on e-documents, data or hardware or software systems of THE WEB’S OWNER or third parties or which could trouble the access to other users to the web site and its services by a massive consumption of computing resources through which THE WEB’S OWNER provides its services.

Attempt to get access to the e-mail accounts of other users or to restricted areas of the computing systems of THE WEB’S OWNER or third parties and, eventually, extract information from them.

Infringe the rights of industrial or intellectual copyright ownership as well as violate the confidentiality of the information of THE WEB’S OWNER or of third parties.

Impersonate the identity of any other user.

Reproduce, copy, broadcast, place at someone’s disposal or by any other means of public communication the contents of the web site, as well as transform or modify them, unless the owner authorizes the corresponding rights, or these actions are legally permitted.

Gather data for advertising purposes and for any form of advertising and communication for sales purposes or others of commercial kind without previous consent or request on behalf of the owner.

All the contents of the web site, as well as texts, pictures, charts, pictures, icons, technology, software, graphic configuration and design and fount codes, make up a work whose ownership is THE WEB’S OWNER’S, whose exploitation rights on these cannot in any way be understood to be granted to the user further than what is strictly needed for the proper use of the web.

In conclusion, the users that have access to this web site can view the contents and make, if that is the case, authorized private copies provided that the reproduced elements are not granted afterwards to third parties and that these are not set up in servers wired to networks, neither are aimed to any sort of exploitation.

Moreover, all the brands, commercial names or any other distinguishing signs which could appear in the web site are THE WEB’S OWNER’S property, whose use and access can not be understood by no means as a permission to the user to have any right over them.

The public distribution, modification, transfer or communication of the contents or any other act that has not been explicitly authorized by the owner of the rights for exploitation are forbidden.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply in any way that THE WEB’S OWNER and the owner of the location in which this web site is placed are related, neither do the acceptance or approval by THE WEB’S OWNER of its contents of services. .

THE WEB’S OWNER is not responsible for the utility that every user gives to the contents available in this web site, neither is for the acts based on these.


The contents of the current web site are general and published for mere informative purposes, without being fully guaranteed the access to all of them or its completeness, appropriateness, validity or topicality either. Neither can be guaranteed their suitability or usefulness for a specific object.

THE WEB’S OWNER excludes, as far as the legislation allows it, any liability for damages of any kind caused by:

The inability to access to the web site or the lack of truthfulness, exactness, completeness, and/or topicality of the contents as well as the existence of vices and defects of any kind of the contents, which could have been transmitted, broadcasted, saved, made available or which someone has had access to through the web site or by means of the offered services.

The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents which could produce alterations in the computer systems, e-documents or data from the users.

The breach of the laws, the good faith, law and order, trade usages and this legal mention because of the wrong use of the web site. In particular, for instance, THE WEB’S OWNER does not take responsibility for the acts of third parties which could violate intellectual or industrial property rights, company secrets, someone’s honor, personal and family intimate matters and personal image rights, or breach regulations about unfair competition and illicit advertising.

Moreover, THE WEB’S OWNER denies any responsibility concerning the information which does not appear in this web and which is not directly managed by our webmaster. The function of the links which appear in this web are exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources which can widen the contents offered by this web site. THE WEB’S OWNER does not guarantee or does not take responsibility for the good working or accessibility of the linked sites, neither suggests, invites or recommends visiting them, so, consequently, it is not responsible for the result obtained when visiting these. THE WEB’S OWNER does not take responsibility for the establishment of hyperlinks by third parties.


If any user or third party considers that there could be events or facts which could reveal some illicit use of any content or/and the making of any activity of this sort throughout the web sites included in or accessible from this website, will have to send a notification to THE WEB’S OWNER duly identifying itself and specifying the supposed infractions.


The administrative information provided through this web site can not be understood as liable to substitute the legal publicity of the laws, regulations, general directives, plans or acts which must be published formally in the official bulletins of the public administrations, which make up the only instrument which can attest to its truthfulness and to that of its contents. The information available in this web site can not be understood as a guide for any legal confirmation purpose.


The present conditions will be ruled by the current Spanish legislation.

The used language will be Spanish and/or Catalan.

Cookies policy

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL use its own and other parties’ cookies and to carry out analysis tasks. By your navigation we assume that you accept our Policy Cookies.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, through the current document, compiles its Policy of cookies treatment and collection, complying what is ruled by the article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002, from 11th of July, of Services of the Computing and Communication Science and e-Commerce.

The cookies will be lodged on the terminal of the user (computer set or mobile device) and will compile information when visiting the web sites of TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL ([DONINI]), aiming at improving the use of them, know users’ habits and their navigation needs to adapt the information to them, as well as obtaining information with statistical finality. In case of those users who already are customers of TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, the collected information by the cookies will be used to identify their access to the different tools and services which TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL place at their disposal for the management of services.

The present Cookies Policy will be applied to all those users who voluntarily visit the web pages of TEYME, who fill in data collection forms, who go to tools which TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA place at their customers’ disposal to manage its services or any other service in the web site that implies data transmission by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL for the provision of their services.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL informs the users of its web sites about the existence of cookies and places at their disposal this Policy aiming at informing them about the use and object of these. The fact of keeping the navigation through its pages implies the knowledge and acceptance of the present Policy by these.

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL uses different kinds of cookies:

Classified by their ownership:

Its own cookies: sent and directly managed by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL.

Third party cookies: sent and managed anonymously by a third party external to TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL, aiming at carrying out statistical surveys about navigation throughout the web pages of TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL.

Classified according to their finality:

  • Technical cookies and/or customized ones: they ease the navigation, when session is authenticated. They allow the access to restricted access tools and they configurate too under measure the available options. They make possible the provision of the previously requested service by the user.
  • Analytic and/or advertising cookies: they allow to know the number of received visits in the different sections of the web sites, the habits and trends of its users and in consequence, to improve the navigation and the service offered by TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL (basically, Google Analytics), as well as the advertisement banners or objects included in the web site visited by the user. They compile data anonymously aiming at obtaining navigation profiles of the users.

Classified by its duration:

  • Session cookies: collect and store data while the user gets access to the web site.
  • Persistent cookies: they collect and store data in the terminal of the user during a period o time which differs depending on the end for which these have been used.

Saving time of the cookies will depend on the nature of these and will be always the needed one to achieve their end.

In any case, the users can configurate their navigator, in a way that disables and blocks the reception of all or some of the cookies. The fact of denying the reception of these cookies, does not imply an obstacle to be able to acces to the information of the web sites from TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL even though the use of some services may be limited. If once granted the consent to receive cookies, the user would want to withhold this, all cookies which have been stored in the user’s equipment would have to be deleted by means of the options which offer the different navigators.

How to configurate the different navigators accordingly to the previously mentioned actions can be checked in:

  • Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Explorer:
  • Safari:

TEYME TECNOLOGÍA AGRÍCOLA SL will modify the current Cookies Policy whenever there are changes in their configuration and/or use, publishing its updated version in its web sites.

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