Big Data: one of the greatest challenges of future agriculture

19 Noviembre 2018 | Blog
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Big data, radio detection, robotics, drones, sensor appliances, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, automatized agricultural machinery... The future of agriculture is ineluctably in digitalization, which supposes a big step forward in the innovation of farming procedures. 

This challenge consists in being more efficient as the needed increase of productivity compels us to care for the most demanding standards of sustainability that are asked for our society. 

Farming must face several challenges as far as innovation is concerned. Production must be increased, with the same or even with less resources. Moreover, the environment must be scrupulously respected.

The future of farming forecasts a scenery in which it will be fundamental the digitalization of procedures. Farming innovation is strictly bonded to the emergence and development of the Information Technology (IT). 

"The compilation, identification and historical analysis of the obtained data (Big Data) is an essential tool for the traceability, the environmental impact and the optimization of the resources", according to the advisor Mariano Larrazabal.


The productive patterns do not cease to develop at the pace marked by the demand of the world population, which constantly grows. In 1991 Professor Enrique Ballestero already forecasted that "if the Spanish cooperatives and agri-food companies wanted to grow, be competitive and fulfill the role that was expected from them as means to improve the farmers' and partners quality of life, they would only succeed in it as long as they included the technology and used modern management systems. That is Farming innovation. 

Recent researches have pointed out that farming in Spain has a technical potential of automatization of a 57%. There is a huge way to go ahead in a world where 4.0 explotations capable of interconnecting agricultural machinery with the productive systems will have a privileged position, because, among other reasons, they will be able to adapt the productive ecosystems by means of materials' optimization, as such as fertilizers and phytosanitary products.


The challenges on farming innovation will only be able to be faced by companies of proved maturity in the agri-food sector, able to manufacture articles meeting the standards that the new regulations demand.

This is the case of TEYME, whose machines are more and more efficient and show great advancements as far as management and use of phytosanitary products are concerned. TEYME also meets, besides the nowadays regulations, the instructions of use of Good Environmental and Agricultural Practices.

Moreover, to respond better to the digitalization process, TEYME has included among its staff an expert on electronics which is engaged on supervision and control of this sort of tools related to the future of farming. Teyme is in contact too with specialist companies on this matter and it is member of the Cluster of Catalan Agricultural Machinery (FEMAC), among other entities.

TEYME equally disposes of a qualified r&d department, engaged in smart solutions, which are implemented to their wide range of agricultural machinery of the newest generation filed under Crops' Protection. Contact us to get information about our agricultural machines. We will help you to find the most convenient machine to your needs.  

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