TEYME, awarded Solidary Company for 2018

27 Febrero 2018 | Blog
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On the 20th of February of 2018, TEYME was acknowledged as 2018 Solidary Company in an event which took place in Lleida. The ceremony was addressed to companies which have been collaborating with solidary organisms.  Alongwith TEYME, other 22 companies were awarded, which makes us proud. It is really inspiring to see so many Spanish companies engaged in community programms.

We believe that TEYME as a reliable company has to be engaged with community development and with its environment. Thus, we bet on responsible behaviour and fair and equitable practices both with our staff and society in general. As it is stated in our ethical code, the whole staff and every single member of it is responsible for creating a friendly and warm-hearted atmosphere around, as well as for boosting the respect and trust among people and towards the environment.

Thus, in agreeement with our corporate filosophy we promote values as cooperation, transparency and care for the preservation of the natural environment. These are values we bet on in all daily actions we carry out and in every single one of the decisions we take every single day.

Putting into practice these values, TEYME is collaborating with the Foundation Banc de Recursos (Bank of Resources), to which we have been donating machines for crops' protection addressed to an agricultural programme for a school in Tatemoë in Kyabé (Tchad). This programme is being implemented under the motto "No waste of resources". As the same motto suggests, the purpose to be achieved is the recycling and the re-utilisation of the production remainding materials to minimize the impact on the environment and to help disadvantaged groups by means of social cooperation.

In this sense, the Banc de Recursos (Bank of Resources) is a non-profit organisation which collects excess materials from companies and individuals and sends them to countries and needy groups (mainly in South America, Central America and Africa). Its aim is to achieve a fairlier distribution of the existing resources. It also attempts to strenghthen the solidary networks and to make people conscious about the need of a more rational and responsible use of the material goods (contrary to consumerism, destruction and unnecessary waste). Among their actions, we can find a large amount of programmes and cooperation campaigns as well as specific solidary initiatives as El Pont Alimentari (The Food Path) or El Pont Solidari (The Solidary Path) which are worthy of admiration.

TEYME considers that this foundation is a great tool for Corporate Social Responsibility, one which allows us the re-utilisation of those remaining products still in good condition and the compliance of our environmental and social cooperation policy.    

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