• Citrus trees

  • Olive trees and almond trees

  • Walnuts trees

  • Vineyard

  • Fruit trees

  • Cereal

  • Vegetables

Lift-mounted machines between 400 and 1.200l
Focused spraying
Kits with several columns and outlets

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Top performing impeller with polyethylene blower housing and 16.300m3/h as highest flow rate.

Gear box with 2 speeds and neutral point.

Automatic and progressive clutch.

500 mm double fan.

dtvs grupo aire

Air unit Dtvs

Gear box speed 1:6,5 1:7,5
400 m³/h 11.000 13.400
m/s 58 68
hp kW 21 15 29 21
500 m³/h 12.500 15.100
m/s 67 76
hp kW 29 21 39 29
540 m³/h 13.800 16.300
m/s 70 82
hp kW 35 26 49 36


Reinforced frame, designed in steel plate and laser-manufactured, which allow us its chain production and a perfect result, providing the machine with utmost stiffness.


Two levels of stirrers (pressure/return), which attain a constant and homogeneous mixing.


Set of nozzle-holders including anti-drip filter and closing tap. The number of jets will depend on the kit and outlets of this one.


In high density polyethylene.

Capacities 400, 600, 800, 1.000 and 1.200l. Rinsing tank 10% according to EC rules and sanitary water tank.


3 Levels of filtering

  • 1 BASKET filter in the filling mouth of the tank
  • 1 pump suction filter
  • 1 pressure filtering central

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