First Annual Venue of Teyme's agricultural machinery Dealers in Spain

13 Diciembre 2017 | Blog
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General impressions of the First Annual Venue of TEYME'S agricultural machinery dealers: waiting for the next...

Last month it took place the First Annual Venue of Dealers of agricultural machinery of our brand in Spain. The event, which happened in Lleida and surroundings on the 26th and 27th of October, was a great success. The assessment of the participants was very positive and these showed themselves really interested in attending next year's venue.

TEYME's dealers represent one of the most distinguishing values of our brand and for this reason, we want to transmit to them in every circunstance all our support and thank them for their trust on us. In that mood, the venue aimed at creating growth opportunities for TEYME as well as for our new official dealers.

In TEYME we are constantly working to give our dealers from every area our best service and thus improve together. For this reason, we care for having a continuous feedback. We firmly trust on the win-win culture and we promote mutual confidence to obtain advantages for both sides, always thinking plural.

Progress of the First Venue of TEYME's Dealers

During the Venue we discussed about these topics:

  • THE FUTURE OF THE AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY: Talk given by Mr. Enric Pedrós, Cluster Manager in FEMAC (Association of Exporting Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery of Catalonia). In this talk, aspects like future trends and sector's technological innovations were dealt with, as well as strategical changes, new business patterns and strategical challenges.
  • MARKETING NOVELTIES: Talk given by TEYME's Marketing Department. In this one, we talked about the new online and offline marketing tools in which we are working as well as the novelties to be introduced this 2018.  
  • PARTS AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE: Talk given by TEYME's After-sales Department. The changes implemented on this department were introduced to the audience as well as the future bets that are being developed to offer the best After-sales service.
  • NEW PRODUCTS: Talk given by TEYME's Engineering Department and R+D. The technical novelties on which our engineers are working for our agricultural machines were introduced to, in line with our aim of continuous improvement.

Therefore, we planned some field tests with our EOLO GTE10 trailed mistblower as well as a visit by the factory, in Torre-serona (Lleida), where we set up a showroom with different TEYME's agricultural machines.

We had also the pleasure to count on the presence of the sales expert Mr. José Manuel Vega, who performed a very interesting and dynamic sales session, on which he emphasized the importance of orbiting around the figure of the customer, always focusing on offering an outstanding service and reminding and stressing on at every moment that with no sales no kind of organization is possible. In consequence, all and every single member of TEYME's staff and dealers share the basics of their commitment to the customer.

Moreover, for this venue we prepared a dinner in "LA BOSCANA", a restaurant awarded with one MICHELIN STAR, which is located in Bellvís (Lleida), where we exchanged good sensations and plenty of laughs too. We took advantage of the beautiful location of the restaurant, to introduce to society the new image of our agricultural machinery (new labels and designs for the whole range of machines), innovation that TEYME's dealers valued very positively.

In TEYME we love our job!

To finish with, we are very satisfied with the results of the Venue and we feel proud to come to the conclusion that according to the answers of the TEYME's dealers to our survey, the 4 atributes that they associate to a greater extent to our brand are:

  • Quality products/ sturdy
  • Machines which fit the technical needs of the landworkers/farmers
  • Safety and fiability
  • Experience (knowledge of the needs of the sector)

Thus, TEYME's dealers would certainly recommend to other sellers of agricultural machinery to be part of the net of dealers of the brand, which make us again feel proud and encourage ourselves to continue working with illusion and passion, because we love what we do and we strive ourselves to do better and better and to offer always a service of the utmost quality, that one which our customers deserve. 

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