Complete guide about farming machinery to apply phytosanitary products

02 Noviembre 2020 | Blog
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The nowadays farming technology offers plenty of options to make our choice the best possible one. Nonetheless, it is necessary to know well what kind of machines are available and which purpose each one serves. Therefore, we will review below the main farming machines for the application of phytosanitary products, and the key factors to help you to make the perfect choice.

Guide about agricultural machinery for the application of phytosanitary products

Firstly, it is necessary to know which sort of crops are going to be protected with these machines and how the field is: soil composition, degree of wetness, etcetera. Considering these parameters, which can be analysed even better thanks to advanced technologies as radio detection or big data, the choice will be made for some machines or others.

On the reckoning, several variables must be considered: the consumption of fuel, the working speed, the capacity of product dosage, the reliability, the resistance to time, the easiest handling and the simplicity when cleaning the machines and getting them ready. With all this information available, the most appropriate decisions will be able to be made, and, in this way, a position taken to choose the ideal farming machine.

Types of phytosanitary machines in TEYME

Nowadays, in TEYME we offer a large variety of machines of the latest technology for the crop protection. They are conceived to meet the needs of every farmer and tested under demanding conditions. The main phytosanitary machines which work best, according to the experience of our farmers, are the next ones:

1. Agricultural air-blast sprayers: full coverage

The air-blast sprayers represent one of the cutting-edge trends in the development of farming equipment. TEYME's agricultural air-blast sprayers are water pneumatic sprayers; that is to say, mounted or trailed machines which contain a powerful unit which generates air as a basic principle. This equipment can produce the needed pressure to break the phytosanitary liquid into drops of diameter as big as 400 microns and, at the same time, generate a strong air flow which can carry these drops to every corner of a tree crop. The key point is its capacity to avoid losses of product, that is to say, an excessive consumption.

2. Pneumatic sprayers: highest protection

Available in trailed or mounted formats as well, the TEYME's pneumatic sprayers dissolve the phytosanitary product in a mist so thin that reaches every single part of any crop where one wants the application to be carried out. Moreover, these machines have different outlets, what allows them to direct this mist to precise points of the crop. In this way, the farmer prevents the treatment product from arriving at undesired places. This precision makes the pneumatic sprayers be especially suitable for crops which require special care. For example, they become particularly useful in the domains of integrated farming, a system where extreme encouragement is given to the environmental protection.

3. Dusting machines: tailored power

The needs of the treatments with phytosanitary powder are varied. For this reason, the dusting machines must be adapted with precision to every sort of situation and crop. In this case, we have TEYME's trailed and mounted dusting machines available. All of them serve the same principle: a double fan which creates an air flow able to carry the powder. In addition, they are provided with agitation devices or stirring blades which prevent the product from solidifying. These machines are indispensable in a large variety of crops. Among them the vineyards stand out. In some of them a high level of specialization is required.

4. Agricultural cannons: precision at distance

When the soil or the sort of culture forces us to treat at a distance nothing else fits more than a spraying cannon. In Teyme we offer agricultural cannons of the highest efficacy, with a range of treatment until 44 meters. This equipment bases its working on high power double fans combined with long range sprayers. One of its main features is the capacity of cannons turning --between 85 and -15 degrees from the horizontal axis--. This flexibility makes them ideal for uneven soils and useful to adapt to row crops.

5. Highest security in herbicides

A different sort of farming equipment is the one formed by the herbicides, which become fundamental as well for the crops protection. In TEYME we have several mounted herbicides models available with capacity up until 1.800 litres of treated product. They are fitted with different kind of diffusing booms of big width and high precision. It must be considered that, in the treatments with herbicides, precision is essential. The product must be applied exactly where needed to offer a homogeneous treatment in all the crop and to avoid overdosage.

6. Agricultural humidifiers for all environments

TEYME's agricultural humidifiers are conceived to regulate the wetness in closed areas, such as plants nurseries, greenhouses or farms. But they can be used as well in other places such as factories, cellars, sheds or wherever is required certain temperature and humidity. They are light-weight machines, which do not require a tractor or specialized staff. They consist of a water tank and axial fan which generates and distributes a thin mist spraying around the area.

Preventive maintenance of the farming machinery

One of the fundamental issues to make machines for crops protection perform as expected is to keep a right maintenance. The farmer must pay special attention to the next points:

  • Hygiene: To clean thoroughly the machines after every treatment is essential to keep devices in optimal condition and to avoid pollution with other products.
  • Levels and revisions: It is essential to check regularly the levels of every one of the flows used by these machines to work. It is important as well to check the pressure of the pneumatics and to revise the manometers before restarting them.
  • Storage: The different mobile components of the machines --arms, booms, applicators, nozzles, etcetera-- must be cleaned, dried and stored in proper places.
  • Mechanical elements: The solidness and the degree of wear in the mechanical elements, such as PTOs, pulleys and other articulated parts must be regularly checked.

If these indications are observed, the farming machine will always be in perfect condition, and ready to help the harvests to be more profitable and safer. This is so because farmers engaged in the protection of their crops will always count on the best technology and will keep this one in optimal conditions.

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