TEYME Tecnología Agrícola S.L. updates its seal of INNOVATIVE SME

09 Junio 2020 | Blog
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In Teyme we manufacture machinery to protect your crops in order to achieve the best productivity and performances thanks to our dusters, mist-blowers, vineyard sprayers, field sprayers, cannons or humidifiers.

To sum up, our machines are full of resources to make your crops more profitable. All in all, launching these machines on the market requires a big effort of updating and constant innovation on behalf of our staff, as we do not content ourselves with what we have achieved, and we search always for the best quality in all our machines.

Thanks to our job and vision for the Research and steady Development, we feel presently honoured to announce you that we have renewed the seal of Innovative SME until the 26th of May of 2023. This is an award granted by the Spanish Government Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The importance of having an Innovative SME seal

The possession of the Innovative SME seal involves TEYME in keeping the search for innovation in every single project we run, a fact which supposes a difference from the rest of companies of the same field. We believe that our ability to design original projects and to carry them out efficiently is one of the main reasons of having achieved the renewal of this official seal.

As you will have inferred from this information, not all the SMEs bet on innovation. Being an innovative SME adds an extra value to the company and its customers. On our behalf we feel proud of meeting all these conditions and offer always the best quality and innovation to our customers.

What makes a SME innovative?

The Innovative SME seal is an official emblem granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities that aims at boosting all those SMEs which bet on technological innovation and distinguishes them with this highly reputed emblem from the rest of companies of the same sector.

We are a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) as our staff is made up of about fifty workers which ranks us out from the group of the big companies. Notwithstanding, our innovative nature has been recognized by this seal, which is acknowledged according to the ECC/1087/2015 Order on the 5th of June.

In fact, in TEYME Tecnología Agrícola S.L. not only did we previously possess this distinction, but we have been also acknowledged with its renewal until the 26th of May of 2023.

(Click here to view the INNOVATIVE SME)

Conditions to gain this acknowledgement

In order to obtain this seal and be awarded as an Innovative SME, our company TEYME has met the following criteria:

  • Obtainment in the last three years of public funding, which can be granted in the frame of the European Union (Horizon 2020 Programme or 7th Framework Programme in Research and Innovation) or the Spanish CDIT (Industrial Technological Development Centre) but with the help too of the Spanish National Programme of Innovative, Technological and Scientific Research or of the 6th National Programme of Technological Innovation, Development and Scientific Research.
  • Achievement of a binding reasoned report or the grant of a patent during the three last years.
  • Confirmation of the obtainment of certificates such as the one of management systems of the R&D concerning the 16002 UNE rule or the one of Innovative Small or Micro-enterprise concerning the AENOR EA0047 specification or the one for Innovative New Enterprise (JEI) concerning the AENOR EA0043 specification.

An award with clear objectives

To conclude with, we think relevant to explain to you what moves our company to obtain this seal. Basically, it is about an engagement with you as customers, but as well with the values of Corporative Social Responsibility (RSC), which are directly related to innovation.

Globally speaking, the more innovative we are, the higher would be our ability to contribute to the environmental aims and to the richness of the surroundings in which the organization is working. We are referring, in these cases, to innovation under the frame of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D).

In this way, we have, as a SME Innovative-defined firm, more chances too to obtain public funding for our future projects. Likewise, the customers are more reassured about with what kind of company is more convenient for them to contact.

In Teyme we definitely try hard that the condition of being an Innovative SME could take effects on our relationships. You can feel free to ask us for further information about our services or products for the care of your crops. We assist you to help you in the growth of your agricultural production.

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